Dr. David Byrne  CHM Executive Director:  Dr. David C. Byrne, M.Div., D.Min.

Although Dr. Byrne is (obviously) not Hispanic, the language, culture, and people of Hispanic origin have become such an important part of his life, he considers himself at least ½ Hispanic.  Since 1994 he has been the CHM's director and in 1995 he took on the added responsibilities as director of the "Instituto ALMA: ALcanzando al Mundo Alrededor," - a leadership training program for Hispanic pastors and church leaders.

Formerly a missionary to Mexico City with the Evangelical Friends Mission, Dr. Byrne and his family moved to the Houston area to continue their ministry in the second largest Spanish speaking country in the world - the United States.  Here, he works at everything from research to video editing in order to facilitate the growth of ministry among Hispanics.

Please pray for the Byrne family (Mrs. Joyce Byrne and children Laura, Andrea and Sara) as they continue to serve God and to grow in His grace.

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