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Dr. David C. Byrne  From CHM Director David Byrne -     

       On Sunday, Pastor Emilio Sánchez of the San Antonio Hispanic Friends Church spoke out of the first couple of verses from 1 Peter and in my bilingual Bible I was struck by how different the verses were between the Spanish (RV1960) and the English (NIV).  The English has a hint of entitlement for God’s “scattered elect” “who have been chosen” including a blessing that “grace and peace” would be “yours” - almost giving a sense of ownership.  It is a secure sense of belonging and possessing.
      In the Spanish, the emphasis from the beginning is of a tenuous situation as “expatriates” (refugees) who are physically scattered in a historical dispersion and yet chosen by God for redemption and sanctification with a blessing that grace and peace would be multiplied to them.
      The differences are subtle and tangentially significant in understanding the mindset of the interpreter.  Those who are part of a stable and secure environment can barely imagine what it is to be vulnerable and rootless.  Those who do not experience that stability but live on the margin of society or amid social breakdown cannot imagine possessing that grace and peace except as an act of a gracious God intervening on their behalf.

1 Peter 1:
Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, To God’s elect, exiles scattered throughout the provinces of Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia, 2 who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, to be obedient to Jesus Christ and sprinkled with his blood:  Grace and peace be yours in abundance.

1 Pedro 1:
Pedro, apóstol de Jesucristo, a los expatriados de la dispersión en el Ponto, Galacia, Capadocia, Asia y Bitinia,
2 elegidos según la presciencia de Dios Padre en santificación del Espíritu, para obedecer y ser rociados con la sangre de Jesucristo: Gracia y paz os sean multiplicadas

      These are the kinds of differences that set the cultural perceptions of each one of us and that make it difficult to understand and be patient with one another.  Thanks be to God for our Savior who knows and loves each one of us and for His Spirit who directs and connects us.  We don’t need to understand everyone – just love them.  We don’t need to resolve all the world’s issues – just love the Lord our God and serve Him.  Hispanic ministry is not an end in itself, just an extension of the work God began to extend His grace and salvation to all people everywhere.  Thanks for your involvement.

            Dr. David C. Byrne
            Director:  CHM

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EFC-ER Bowling   Having Fun!

      Functioning as the multi-cultural body of Christ is not just about getting out to do the hard work that needs to be done to accomplish God’s purposes.  That is an important part of it, but simply having fun together is also important.  In the EFC-ER fall Hispanic Pastor’s Retreat there were good lessons, shared vision, and challenging strategy sessions, but there was also Friday night bowling which for some was a first-time experience.  With some strikes and lots of gutter balls, laughter and fun became the unifying motif of the evening as the family of God simply enjoyed being together.  EFC-ER superintendent Wayne Evans programmed the time as part of the Yearly Meeting’s way of expressing its appreciation for God’s work going on among its Spanish-speaking churches.  What is the best way to learn a language?  Make a friend from another culture and language.  What is the best way to make a friend from another culture and language?  Go out and join your life to that of others to enjoy and to share life’s experiences with them.  After all, isn’t that what Jesus did with us?  God with us!  Incarnation is not just about suffering.

  CHM Giving gifts to the Lord.

      The Coalition for Hispanic Ministries is a missionary organization that seeks to develop and promote ministries to the Hispanic community and to educate Christians for Hispanic ministry involvement.  We are your partner in this particularly vital area of outreach in order to maximize the strengths of churches and individuals – Anglo and Hispanic.  This Coalition for Hispanic Ministries includes people like you and your church who care about Christ’s expanding church.  We rely on your generosity and encourage you to pray with us for North American Hispanic ministries and to give as you feel led.  We plan to develop a format for Hispanic Ministry vision gatherings in the coming year that can be used with your friends and neighbors or in your congregation to raise awareness of the circumstances for possible involvement in ministry development in your area.  Contact us if you are interested.  We appreciate your prayers and support.

   AlianzaMinisterialAmigosNorteAmerica 2016

      The North American Hispanic Friends Conference in Philadelphia was a time of great blessing for the many attenders that came from Central America, Mexico, Canada, and across theJorge Valdez y Amílcar Sosa U.S.  The host church worked extra hard to accommodate so many guests but they did so with grace.  We look forward to joining Pastor Jorge Valdez (pictured with AMANA president Amilcar Sosa) in Phoenix next October.  Hope you can join us!

Instituto ALMA: ALcanzando al Mundo Alrededor Leadership Training

     Hispanic leadership training is taking place across the continent and we thank God for the advances.  When the Instituto ALMA first started, it was one of the first such leadership training programs available in Spanish.  Now, there are many opportunities for leaders who are preparing to serve the Lord in ministry.  When EFC-ER pastors were gathered at Yearly Meeting to talk about the restructuring that is being done and setting the priority for preparing pastors, it was Pastor José Urrutia from Kingston, NY who stood up and through an interpreter described to the group the kind of intensive hands-on training their church offers to raise up leaders.  He offered to share their insights and experience with others in the Yearly Meeting.  The Instituto ALMA continues to have an online role in preparing leaders with full courses available free of charge along with video and study guides for leadership groups.  But we also thank God for the many other programs and materials that are available as well as for the capable leaders who are leading those programs.  The Lord of the Harvest is raising up workers.

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News & Prayer
Pastor Jaime HerreraWe are praying urgently for Jaime Herrera for ongoing chemotherapy treatments but also giving thanks for God’s hand in Jaime’s recovery since his extended coma in October.
We continue in prayer for 2 vehicles to help church-planting pastors in their ministry.

David and Joyce As always, the Byrne Family seeks your prayer as your missionaries to the Hispanic communities of North America.  Our family newsletter is available here.  Thank you for your interest and your prayers.

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